Automated Customer Loyalty Program

Get more business from your customers

Turn Customers Into Repeat Customers? Here's How.


Every 30 days we download your customer data and perform a detailed analysis comparing your data to $9 billion in residential HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical sales from over 170 million visits.


Our proprietary algorithm identifies the customers that are most likely to buy from you.


We automatically send 4 precisely timed, multi-channel, marketing pieces. One email, one postcard and two online review requests. Each one week apart with your message so they do business with you again.

Why Stochastic Marketing Company Is So Different

Stochastic Marketing, is a contractor consulting company that bundles what we do with cost effective multi channel marketing, including direct mail, email and Facebook. Stochastic Marketing was founded more than ten years ago to bring the benefits of statistical modeling (“big data”) to residential contractors like you. Stochastic modeling is a type of statistical modeling that takes your random numbers and  finds patterns based on other contractor data.

Stochastic Marketing’s automated customer loyalty program analyzes your customer data with our Stochastic customer model.  We are then able to predict which customers need more of your services then automatically send perfectly timed postcards, personalized emails and engaging social media advertisements to keep them coming back to you.


  • Stay engaged with your customers – automatically!
  • Make sure your customers keep calling you, and only you.
  • Get more repeat business from the customers you worked so hard to get in the first place.

Why this program is so valuable to you

Protect Your Base

Past customers generate 50% of your revenue and your competitors want to take that revenue from you. Defend yourself against this attack with an automated, multi-channel marketing program.

Done For You

When you say yes to this program we’ll take care of everything else for you. No more worrying if your postcards were mailed, if your email was sent or if you set up your advertising correctly. Worry free, hassle free.

Higher Revenue

Past customers spend 230% more when they are advertised to with multiple touches from multiple channels versus if you neglect them and simply hope they will eventually come back and do business with you.

Enrolling into the Brand New Stochastic Marketing Customer Loyalty Program is easy.

Step 1.
Fill in your contact information or call us right now at (314) 325-7676 and we'll do all this for you.

Step 2.
Select any 4 of the postcard templates below, the order you would like them to be mailed out and the dollar value you'd like for the special offer on each postcard.

Step 3.
Choose your budget.

Step 4.
Click the "Enroll Me Into The Loyalty Program Now" button.

That's it!
We'll take care of everything else for you.

Pick Any 4 of the Postcard Templates From Below

(click on the postcard image to enlarge and view more details)

Postcard Template #1
Heating System Tune-Up

Postcard Template #2
Heating System Tune-Up

Postcard Template #3
Cooling System Tune-Up

Postcard Template #4
Cooling System Tune-Up

Postcard Template #5
Gift Card Offer

Postcard Template #6
Gift Card Offer

Postcard Template #7
New Comfort System Discount

Postcard Template #8
New Comfort System Discount

Postcard Template #9
Online Review

Postcard Template #10
Online Review

Postcard Template #11
Plumbing System Inspection

Postcard Template #12
Plumbing System Inspection

Postcard Template #13
Refer A Friend

Postcard Template #14
Refer A Friend

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. $1 per customer per quarter. No monthly fee, no startup costs, nothing else.

Your postcards will hit the mailbox first, then a week later (just about the time the postcard arrives) we send the first Facebook connection, a week later they receive an email and then lastly one last Facebook connection.

Using the data you provide to us, we will remove the install customers from these mailings.

Many contractors decide to leave their agreement customers in this program though we are happy to remove them if you choose. Just send us a list of your members (with addresses) and we will take them out of the program.


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