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Podcast Interview Series With HVAC and Plumbing Industry Leaders

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Dec. 2018 State of the Residential Industry
Apr. 2019 Report on CSR Performance
Jan. 2019 State of the Residential Industry
May 2019 Report on CSR Performance
Feb. 2019 State of the Residential Industry

Roland Ligtenberg

Housecall Pro


Jeremiah Wilson - Part 1

How SMALL CHANGES to your phone calls can have a HUGE IMPACT on your bottom line


Jeremiah Wilson - Part 2

Why 80% of CALLS FAIL to use basic phone skills and how you can change that in 4 EASY STEPS


Jeremiah Wilson - Part 3

The detailed phone skills your team needs to master to SUCCESSFULLY CLOSE SALES on the phone


Brandon Bolen - Helping Contractors  Grow Their Businesses

Live Oak specializes in helping residential contractors improve or grow their businesses and through that build wealth.


Brandon Jacob - Selling To Junior

The time to start preparing to sell your contracting business to you son, daughter, or general manager is now if you want to get all of your money on the front end.

Brandon Jacob - New Financing Program For Buying or Selling A Contractor

Would you like to sell your contracting business or buy out a competitor? Now you can finance up to 100% with this new program.

Ron Smith - HVAC Consulting & Coaching

The Startling Difference Between an HVAC Business That's Complicated Versus One That Is Complex

Brandon Jacob - Contractor Financial Opportunity

3 Startling Reasons Why You Need To Know How Much Your Contracting Business Is Worth - Today!

Rodney Koop - The New Flat Rate

Enjoy this interview between Mike Layton and Rodney Koop with The New Flat Rate: How HVAC and Plumbing Contractors Can Use The New Flate Rate Menu Pricing System To Increase Sales Volume

J.T. Inman - Red Brick Financial

Enjoy this interview between Mike Layton and JT Inman with RedBrick Financial: How HVAC and Plumbing Contractors can Offer Installment Loans to Increase Sales.

Dr. Kerry Web - Peak Leadership

Learn how HVAC and Plumbing contractors can build the overall Value of their contracting business.

Bethany DeLaurencio - Marketing Manager

Learn how Bethany integrated into the HVAC industry from an outside industry.  How she took control of marketing for the HVAC industry and switched SEO and PPC on her terms, based on her knowledge.

Dan Billingsley - Strategic Business Builder

Dan talks about how he strategically added a lawn care business to compliment his HVAC and Plumbing business.  Listen to tips and tricks on how to cross sell HVAC and Plumbing to the lawn care customers. 

Brad McGhee - Marketing Manager

Brad talks about what an ad agency can offer and what they can't.  How this business became known as "LBA Heros" and how that has helped the entire marketing system.

Eric Wytrwal - Marketing Manager

Listen to Mike and Erik talk about what the differences between HVAC and Plumbing marketing looks like as compared to other industries.

Rick Hutcherson - Sales and Marketing Trainer for Contractors

Rick Hutcherson is the owner of RHI Training.  Learn how he got into the HVAC industry and how he got to be one of the top Sales Trainers for this industry.  He talks about the most common sales challenges he sees and how they can be fixed.


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