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Industry Leading Marketing Strategy for HVAC and Plumbing Contractors

Gorilla Marketing Strategies - part 3

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

You know, if you’re an advertiser who wants to generate business for an HVAC company, there’s one rule you can’t break. You have to pay for the ads. And we’re not telling you that you shouldn’t pay for ads! If you buy them, then pay your bills. However, what we ARE sayin…is that there are sometimes ad-free ways to promote your business. And for our third tip, we’ve stumbled upon something that may never cost you a dime. It involves flipping the script. It involves looking at your community and asking how you can help. And it comes with some specific tips for generating major buzz. 

Gorilla Marketing Strategies - part 2

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

We’ve been talking about “gorilla” marketing recently, and the precept is simple: low cost, high impact on your HVAC business. It’s time to get back to basics and you can have a “truck parade” at almost no cost to your company. You just need to know how to do it right. We already hear you. What’s a truck parade? How do you make it work? How do you prevent yourself from annoying people? How do you make a splash with a truck parade? That’s where our next steps come in.

Gorilla Marketing Strategies - part 1

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Try this low-cost way to get leads even during the slow season, without having to plunk down a hefty chunk of change on an aggressive marketing campaign? The solution is to turn to proven, low-cost methods to draw in leads. The kind of solution that’s so simple, it makes you slap your forehead because you didn’t think of it. But there is a problem. A mistake that everyone makes and there are ways you can take the time to make this low-cost marketing solution work in a very short time frame.

Timing your market

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

If you’ve ever stopped your marketing efforts because you’re booked for the next four weeks, you’ve done something with a lot of common sense. Common sense also says that you should only start your marketing again when you need more customers. But what if that’s completely wrong? Hear me out… During the peak months, such as the dead of summer, you’ll likely hit your max capacity for the year. You’ll hit your max capacity for the summer. But then, jobs start to slowly pull back as you hit mid-summer. That’s when your marketing has to start to come back in. That’s when you need to start looking for customers again. If you wait until the work is finished, it might already be too late.

Stop interrogating your customers

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Have you ever made a business mistake in the past? You wish you could go back in a time machine, slap some sense into yourself, and say, in a loud voice: Stop it. Just stop it. That is, unless someone comes along and tells you to stop doing it. That’s why we’re here today. And we’re here to tell you to do one thing: Stop. Interrogating. Your. Customers. What does “interrogating” mean?

Long term customers vs repeat customers

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

We know what you’re thinking. “Long-term customer value doesn’t work anymore? That’s a bold claim.” But hear us out. The term long-term customer value doesn’t really quite explain what’s going on when you have repeat business. What’s the difference? Long-term customer value is measured on a massive timeline. But repeat customers can be customers who buy repeat business within days, weeks, or months.

Does Cross Selling keep customers active

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Why you’ve been thinking about cross-selling backwards (and what to do about it). We bet if you asked most marketers what they think about cross-selling, they’d parrot the same old myths.“Cross-selling boosts long-term customer value!” “Cross-selling keeps customers loyal!”“Cross-selling keeps customers active!” After all, why wouldn’t cross selling help keep customers loyal? Aren’t customers more willing to buy from you when they’ve already clicked “purchase”? Well, the truth is, we ran the numbers and here’s our conclusion. You’ve been thinking about this backwards. The truth about cross-selling is that it is tremendously valuable.


Are customers really worth as much as we think

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Ever hear of the “Car sales” fallacy? The idea is that as soon as a customer walks on the car lot, a boss once turned to an employee and said, “Get out there! $60,000 just walked in the door!” The axiom must have started when $60,000 was a lot more money than it is these days. A $60,000 car sale might not be on the table that day. But the lifetime value of that customer’s repeat business could be worth up to $60,000. In HVAC, if you do a good job with a house, guess what happens next? Nothing. You’ve helped that customer already. We ran the numbers about what customer lifetime value really looks like, and they just might shock you.

Decision Making

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

What if you’re driving your customers crazy? We know. It sounds silly. You’re doing everything you can for your business. Targeting ads. Thinking about their needs. Their pain points. But you know what? You might be offering them TOO MANY CHOICES. And that can drive customers crazy. Even worse, it can give them paralysis of analysis…resulting in no sales for you. There’s some serious psychology behind this phenomenon. And you probably didn’t even realize you were doing it.


Don't update your ads

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

What if the best thing you could do with your ads today…is absolutely nothing? Really. Just sit there and do nothing. It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? But in some cases, it’s the best thing you can do. Now, we’re not saying that you should abandon advertising. We’re not even saying that you shouldn’t advertise your HVAC company. What we are saying, however, is that sometimes, a good ad is a good ad. And the best way to let it do its advertising magic is to let it have some time in the market.

Sales Progression

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Why is it sometimes so hard to market yourself? Simple: we have a big problem here. It all comes down to lack of sales priorities. For example, let’s say you’ve hired an outside sales consultant to help you make HVAC sales. Maybe their goal is to help you generate upsells once you’re inside the customer’s home. The problem? Once you have an opportunity, many technicians you send out to houses have to assume every type of sale is the most important. There isn’t a coherent strategy. There isn’t a coherent list of priorities. And when everything is the most important thing…what it really means is this: Nothing is the most important thing. How do you cure this problem? Simple. We call it a sales progression. And learning how to prioritize is going to revitalize the way you generate HVAC business. Just click to watch this free video and you’ll find out how.

A/B Testing for Contractors

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Ever hear of “A/B testing”? It’s a simple concept in marketing. Basic point: you run two ad campaigns at once. Give each a fair chance. Then, after a while, you measure the results. Yadda, yadda, right? Stuff you’ve heard before. But here’s the thing:

We’re betting that there isn’t another HVAC company in your territory who’s running A/B tests like this.


Marketing Strategy To Acquire New Employees

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Struggling to find good technicians? In working with HVAC contractors, a question that seems to pop up more often now is: How do I find good technicians? The answer is quite simple: Keep searching, the people are out there. While this answer may hold water. Knowing how to search is far better. Which is why I have put together a this podcast focusing on the most important factor for acquiring new technicians.

Remember You Are A Sales Organization

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

When running a business in a seasonal industry like HVAC, learning how to stay afloat during the slow spring and fall seasons when homeowners aren’t using or thinking about their air conditioners and furnaces, is as important as being in business. Having the right marketing strategy in place is one of the most important of them. With the right strategies, you can ride the flow of slow seasons with ease and not have to worry about overhead costs. If you are a contractor interested in keeping your business afloat after the peak period is over watch this podcast where I share insights on riding the slow season with ease.

When Do Customers Spend Their Money

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

It is no news that the HVAC industry is on-demand, however, the peak season is almost over. To keep your business profitable you need to keep the momentum going. Which means you have to be sure on where to focus your advertising. Consumer needs are changing—fast—and the contractors who adapt their marketing strategy will be the ones that get more phone calls, more leads, and more booked appointments. In this video I explain when customers in this industry spend their money.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

How to market to millennials. This question pops up a lot when contractors are planning their marketing strategies and how to invest their advertising dollars for the best ROI. If you are reading this, chances are that you have the question too. But here’s something you don’t know. According to Zillow, “Half of all home buyers are under age 36 this means the Millennial generation is driving more of the housing market than we previously understood.” But, before you take a huge leap advertising to millennials you will want to watch this video to ensure your marketing dollars does not go up in flames. 

Know Where Your Customers Are

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

We are halfway through 2020 and even though the year isn’t what any of us planned for thanks to the pandemic, the numbers are coming in, and so far this year has been good. Most contractors are having a good year and I hope you are too. Which brings me to why this is one of the most important periods to plan your marketing strategy. We are currently in the peak market period and most contractors are focusing on the sales while shifting their marketing strategy for later, but the peak season is almost over. In this podcast I focus on the most important factor for setting up your marketing strategy.

Don't Run Agreement Calls In May, June or July

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

This is a really important strategy that could save your business during this pandemic.

  • Are your agreement customers trying to reschedule?
  • We make our year, EVERY YEAR, in May, June, & July.
  • COVID-19 lockdowns have already had and will continue to have unexpected consequences.
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Good will to the customer goes a long way.

Understanding What Your Customers Are Worth

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

When you look in the mirror and gaze at your customers are you looking at their short term and long term value? Most HVAC business owners aren’t. They think they know the value of their customers, but for the most part, they’re dead wrong.

Broken Metrics

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Learn about the metrics that we all use and how you should evaluate Average Tickets.

Do Agreement Customers Help With Seasonality?

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Revealed: The secrets of HVAC companies that avoid the sink-or-swim of seasonal business

What Happens When You Market The Wrong Areas

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant for Stochastic Marketing

Learn how to expand your company by...not expanding and hear the Brad Pitt's guide to making more HVAC sales.

The (Rather Short) History of Long-Term Value Of A Customer...and the legend of Hugh Glass

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant at Stochastic Marketing

This podcast will reveal why you need to let me look at your data and do the calculation for you. Exactly when 64% of your money comes in from your customers. (This may astonish you even if you've been doing this for decade).

Do you know your Lifetime Value Of A Customer - How much are they really worth to you?

Erik Wytrwal - Senior Consultant at Stochastic Marketing

Some statistics suggest that selling to existing customers can be as much as 14 times as likely to succeed as selling to a new customer. What’s going on here? Simple: there’s a lifetime value to every customer. 

Tracy Paul - Founder of Cornerstone Advertising

Gain insight from Tracy on how contractors use mass media to grow their companies.

Tracy also provides knowledge on his understanding of the business, laying out a marketing plan, and how to use Stochastic's data model.

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